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Texas South Section - USPSA

Texas South Section (TSS) is the USPSA chapter of the Southeastern corner of Texas and is composed of several shooting clubs in southern Texas. We compete with firearms and live ammunition is used in a practical-style competition using paper and steel targets. Occasionally clubs host shotgun and rifle competitions too. Although the spirit of competition is important, SAFETY is always our main goal. Texas South Section is part of Area 4 , USPSA and IPSC.

It has been a TSS tradition to elect new or old SC during a club match. It has been a year since I was voted by simple majority uncontested. There are unfinish business but I'm sure the new SC will fit just right for the role. To present , Wade Pruetz is uncontested and qualifies for  the job of SC, if elected by simple majority with a show of hands, he will start his job effective September  1,2014.  The new elected SC will act as the new SCC2014 Match Director.

Goodluck and God Bless!

Thank You


We now have a dedicated website for Space City Challenge 2014. Check it out at

We are in need of pictures from past SCC.. From the first ever event  to the most recent.  Kindly email pictures to JP at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kindly tell something about the pictures or year that is held. Lastly, only 70 slots left. SUNDAY SQUADS are FULL.

Thank You for all the Support!




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