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Formed in 2011, Strike Industries is a firearms accessories company composed of avid AR15 and pistol shooters. Although there are already many phenomenal firearm and accessory companies we feel that there are still some areas that have not been explored and ideas that have not been brought forward. Since the AR15 platform is so versatile there are nearly endless options and designs that could be made.

All our products are designed here in beautiful Southern California and tested in both California and Nevada shooting facilities. We stand by our quality by providing a limited lifetime warranty. All our products are proudly designed in California and we can proudly say we do not manufacture or do business in China.


Please thank Dawson Precision for sonsoring this years Space City Challenge.  Dawson Precision is a firearm custom shop and a retail store for firearms and related accessories.

Dillon Precision is once again sponsoring Space City Challenge!  Dillon is well-known for it's reloading products such as 550B, 650, and Super 1050. Dillon also offers a wide variety of shooting and reloading supplies and accessories.  Please thank them and consider them on your next purchase!

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