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ARTICLE 1 - Names and Affiliations

The name of this organization shall be Texas South Section (TSS) of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA).

ARTICLE 2 - Purpose

(1) The purpose of these bylaws is to define the guiding principles, organization, and operating procedures for TSS. 
(2) The purpose of TSS is to promote the sport of practical shooting in South Texas.

ARTICLE 3 - TSS Membership

(1) Individual member - To become an individual member of TSS, a person must: 
    (a) be a current member of USPSA, and 
    (b) be a current member of a TSS member club, and 
    (c) participate in at least six (6) regular USPSA club matches (excluding qualifiers for the nationals) at TSS member clubs during the preceding twelve (12) months. 
(2) Club - To become a member club of TSS, the club must apply in writing to the Executive Committee (EC), which will approve or reject the application by a majority vote.  If the EC approves the application for membership, the club president must sign this document in ARTICLE 12 before gaining full rights of EC membership.

ARTICLE 4 - TSS Leadership

The EC shall be the governing body for TSS.  The EC shall be composed of the following officers and representatives:

(1) Section Coordinator (SC) 
    (a) Elected by the TSS membership per ARTICLE 7 
    (b) Chairman of the EC 
    (c) Manager of TSS daily operations 
    (d) Non-voting member of the EC, except in cases of a tie vote 
    (e) Match director for the Space City Challenge 
    (f) Organizer of competition for USPSA National Championship slots 
    (g) Represent the interests of TSS with Area 4 and USPSA 
    (h) Organizer of RO training 
(2) Club Representative 
    (a) President or representative designated by the President of a TSS member club 
    (b) Voting Member of the EC 
    (c) Collectively responsible for governing TSS, approving proposed actions by non-voting EC members, approving amendments to these bylaws for ratification by the TSS membership 
(3) Assistant(s) to the SC 
    (a) Optional position(s) nominated by the SC and approved by a simple majority of Voting Members of the EC 
    (b) Non-voting member of the EC 
    (c) Duties and responsibilities delegated by the SC

ARTICLE 5 - The Position of SC

5.1 SC Qualifications 
A person must meet the following qualifications to serve as SC for TSS: 
(1) Membership in TSS for one (1) year prior to running for this position, and 
(2) Past or current officer of a USPSA affiliated club, or 
(3) Match director for a USPSA approved match.

5.2 SC Election 
Any person meeting the qualifications set forth in ARTICLE 5.1 can apply to the EC for a slot on the next ballot for SC.  The members of TSS shall elect the SC by a simple majority of secret ballots cast per ARTICLE 7.

5.3 SC Term of Office 
(1) The SC shall serve for a term of one (1) year beginning immediately upon winning the election described in ARTICLE 7. 
(2) No person can serve more than three (3) consecutive one-year terms as SC without approval of two-thirds of the Voting Members of the EC.  A partial term to fill a vacancy in the office of SC per ARTICLE 5.4 and ARTICLE 5.5 does not count towards this limit. 
(3) The SC shall not serve concurrently as a Club Representative on the EC.

5.4 SC Resignation or Inability to Serve 
Should the SC resign from office or become unable to fulfill the duties of the office prior to completion of his (her) current one-year term, the EC shall immediately appoint an interim SC to serve until the special election of a new SC by the TSS membership per ARTICLE 7.  TSS shall hold the next annual election for SC as scheduled per ARTICLE 7.

5.5 SC Removal 
The Voting Members of the EC can remove the SC from office for just cause with a two-thirds majority vote.  Just cause includes, but is not limited to, the following actions:

(1) Noncompliance with Article 9 
(2) Dereliction of the SC duties described in ARTICLE 4 
(3) Failure to effectively represent the interests of TSS with USPSA and AREA 4 leadership 
(4) A pattern of behavior or practices contradictory to USPSA principles and guidelines

After removing the SC under this process, the EC shall immediately appoint an interim SC to serve the remainder of the one-year term or until the special election of a new SC by the TSS membership per ARTICLE 7, whichever comes first.  In either case, TSS shall hold the next annual election for SC as scheduled per ARTICLE 7.

ARTICLE 6 - Meetings of the EC

(1) The EC shall meet at least semi-annually.  The EC shall determine the schedule for its regular meetings. 
(2) The SC shall be responsible for notifying the TSS membership of pending EC meetings.  Except in cases of emergency or closed-door meetings, the SC shall notify the TSS membership at least ten (10) days in advance of any EC meeting. 
(3) Robert’s Rules of order shall govern the conduct of all EC meetings. 
(4) A quorum of one-half the Voting Members of the EC shall be necessary for any assembly to qualify as an official meeting of the EC. 
(5) The SC shall appoint an EC member to record and maintain accurate minutes of each EC meeting.  Except for closed-door meetings, the SC shall make the meeting minutes available to the TSS membership. 
(6) The SC or one-third of the Voting Members of the EC may call special meetings.  Any Voting Member desiring a special meeting shall provide the SC with the required number of endorsements from other Voting Members of the EC. 
(7) All EC meetings shall be open to TSS members, except for a meeting to discuss: 
    (a) removal of the SC or other officer of TSS 
    (b) legal action involving TSS 
    (c) impropriety with the TSS treasury

ARTICLE 7 - TSS Elections

(1) Unless designated otherwise, all elections and voting by TSS membership on issues, resolutions, and proposals shall be by a show of hands. 
(2) Voting during EC meetings shall be by a show of hands. 
(3) A simple majority of the votes cast shall determine the winner of an election or ballot issue.  If no single candidate has a simple majority, a run-off election between the two candidates receiving the most votes in the initial balloting shall determine the winner. 
(4) The election for SC by TSS membership shall be by secret ballot.  The regular election for SC shall be held in August. 
(5) The EC may call a special election at any time to fill the position of SC.  The EC shall designate a person to notify the TSS membership of the election at least ten (10) days in advance. 

ARTICLE 8 - Dues to TSS

(1) On or before January 31, each member club shall pay its annual dues to TSS for the current calendar year. 
(2) Any member club that is delinquent in paying its dues by more than 30 days shall forfeit its voting privileges on the EC until the dues are paid in full. 
(3) The EC shall set the amount of the annual TSS dues. 
(4) The SC or person designated by the SC shall collect the dues.

ARTICLE 9 - TSS Finances

(1) The SC or person designated by the SC shall be responsible for collecting dues, maintaining a TSS treasury, dispensing funds for matters reasonably related to the performance of his (her) duties under Article 4, and keeping accurate records of TSS finances. 
(2) The SC shall provide an accounting of TSS finances at each EC meeting.

ARTICLE 10 - Slots to USPSA National Championships

(1) The SC shall award USPSA National Championships slots to TSS members based on their order of finish in TSS match competition. 
(2) No TSS member receiving a slot to a USPSA National Championship through other means or serving as a range official at a USPSA National Championship shall be eligible to receive a slot from TSS. 
(3) If the SC is unable to award all of the available slots to eligible candidates per ARTICLE 10 (1), the SC shall have the authority to distribute any surplus slots.

ARTICLE 11 - Amendments to the Bylaws

(1) Any TSS member may propose an amendment to these bylaws by submitting the proposal in writing to an EC member.  The EC shall consider the proposed amendment(s) at the next EC meeting. 
(2) A two-thirds majority of the Voting Members of the EC must approve a proposed amendment to these bylaws before it can be submitted to the TSS members for ratification. 
(3) Amendments to these bylaws shall be ratified by a simple majority of the TSS Members per ARTICLE 7. 

ARTICLE 12 - Ratification of the TSS Bylaws

As the official Representative of the club indicated, I hereby approve and adopt these bylaws making my club a member of TSS.

Tony Sansing    6/19/99 
Bay Area Practical Shooters

Debbie Peek    6/19/99 
Bailey's Practical Shooters

Jerry Mosley    6/24/99 
Brazosland Pistoleros

Michael Popinski    6/19/99 
Eastex Rangemasters

William Hunter    6/19/99 
Greenwood Practical Pistol Club

Douglas E. Brown    6/19/99 
Nite Owls Practical Shooters

Kent Leslie    6/19/99 
Northside Gun Club

Dan Light    6/19/99 
Somerville Gun Club

Steve Jack    6/19/99 
Champion Lake Action Shooting Society

Dave Campbell    8/3/02 
Lake Houston Shooters

Rey Abad    10/16/2004 
Trigger Time

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